Svaki IS2005187982

M:   Gletta from Neistastöðum – IS1985287994

F: Snjall from Vorsabæ 2 – IS 1997187982
Bay pinto great competition gelding!
Svaki is bay pinto with white socks and a star. Really fun horse that everyone can ride! His tölt and trot are pure with high leg action and wide speed range. Svaki is definately a great material for someone looking for a competition horse especially for a young rider. He has a nice character, much willingnes and listens well to the rider.
Svaki has the same mother as the great first prize stallion Kostur frá Vorsabæ 2. His father Snjall frá Vorsabæ II has 8,31 in breeding judgement and has scored really well in competitions.
Price range: C

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