Fróði from Vorsabæ 2 IS2010187984

Fróði is 7 year old beautiful, big (146 cm) and black gelding. He has an amazing conformation and has long legs and neck. He is tall and strong and could therefore also suit tall men. He also has an extremely friendly and easy character. Fróði is 5-gaited with very good and always clean beated tölt which is really soft to sit. His other gaits are well separated with good movements. Fróði suits every experienced riders, he makes great sports material for everyone who wants to compete in small competitions. He is elegant, light on the reins and well educated in training inside and outside and gives you a good feeling when you ride him!

As you can see in the video, he is not at all afraid of cars and traffic. His pace is not trained yet but it is promising.

Price range: C