Hreyfill IS2008187983 from Vorsabæ 2

Ever since Hreyfill was born, he has been special and the first time we saw him as a foal running down the field we came up with the name Hreyfill! The name has the meaning of big movements. Hreyfill took part in fourgait competition master class the year 2015. He was the second after the Preliminaries with the score of 7,13. The same year, he also took part in Gæðingakeppni Sleipnis and won B-class (fourgait) with the splendid score of 8,97! . . . Meira / More

Segull IS2003184743 from Hátúni

. We were especially fond of Segull who dansed around in beautiful tölt with high moovements. . . . Meira / More

Snjall IS1997187982 from Vorsabæ 2

Snjall did not attract much attention when growing up. Out in the field he showed tölt and trot, and was always very easy to handle. . . . Meira / More

Forseti IS1996187983 from Vorsabæ 2

In the night of the 30th of June 1996 many were busy counting the votes which had been cast at the presidential election the day before, and while people in Iceland were waiting for the results, a bay colt was born at Vorsabær 2. We realized right away that a winner had now seen the light of day and decided to name him Forseti ( = Icelandic for president). It was never a question whether we should raise him as a stallion or not, since even as a foal he was beautiful and with good movements . . . Meira / More

Gassi IS1982187036 from Vorsabæ 2

Gassi was born in Vorsabaer 2. He appeared to be a very promising foal, so the decision was made to raise him as a stallion and see how he would develop later on.He was taken in for training for the first time in the beginning of 1986 and absolutely fulfilled our expectations. Gassi was handsome, showed good willingness and good gaits. Bjorn trained the young stallion and showed him at Murneyri in the qualifications for the Landsmót 1986 in Hella. He achieved the right to participate at the Landsmót and was awarded first price, with an evaluation of 8,04. . . . Meira / More