Gassi IS1982187036 from Vorsabæ 2

Gassi and Eiríkur Guðmundsson

Móðir:  Mother: Litla-Jörp from Vorsabæ 1

Father:   Hrafn from Holtsmúla

Breeding assessment: 8,38-8,60=8,49

Gassi was born in Vorsabaer 2. He appeared to be a very promising foal, so the decision was made to raise him as a stallion and see how he would develop later on.

Gassi foal

Gassi 1 year

He was taken in for training for the first time in the beginning of 1986 and absolutely fulfilled our expectations.
Gassi was handsome, showed good willingness and good gaits. Bjorn trained the young stallion and showed him at Murneyri in the qualifications for the Landsmót 1986 in Hella. He achieved the right to participate at the Landsmót and was awarded first price, with an evaluation of 8,04. At the Landsmót Gassi presented himself well and ended up as second best 4year old stallion, just after Otur frá Saudarkroki. He received 8,01 and in the book of horse breeding 1986 he got the following description: “Gassi 1036 frá Vorsabae 2 has an impressive appearance and reminds of his mother’s sire Globlesi 455 frá Eyvindarholum, both in colour, building of the front parts, character, which is rather cold, and front legs which are not quite beautiful enough. The horse is courageous, with beautiful gaits and wide movements, possesses a good speed range and presents another promising horse in the group of sons of Hrafn 802.


Gassi 4 years LM Hella

Gassi 4 years LM Hella

”The next time (and always afterwards) Gassi was shown by Eirikur Gudmundsson on the show at the stallions’ stable in Gunnarsholt in spring 1988. He had developed considerably in the meantime and attracted lots of interest. He received a great evaluation, 8,18 for conformation, 8,40 for rideability and 8,29 overall score. He was then bought by a horsebreeding-asssociation in North-Iceland and shown again in Hella in the spring of 1990 in the qualifiqations for the Landsmót. He won first place in this show and was evaluated even higher than before, 8,38 for conformation, 8,60 for rideability and 8,49 overall score. With this score he entered the Landsmót as the highest judged stallion that year, but at the Landsmót itself he ended up on second place in the group of stallions 6 years and older, having received an overall score of 8,45. The judges had lowered his score for proportions from 8,5 to 8,0 thereby lowering his overall score to 8,45, the same score that Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum had received. However, Kolfinnur was awarded first prize and Gassi second prize, which seems odd, since Gassi´s score was 8,45, the score of Kolfinnur 8,445! Still, the judges commented on him positively: “Gassi unites better than many others beauty, elegant building, a good speed range and good rideability.”
[Þorkell Bjarnarson/Hrossaræktin 1990]

Gassi 3

In 1994 Gassi was shown with his offspring at the Landsmót in Hella, and received first prize for offspring. Two years later he received an honorary prize for offspring but was not shown again, since he had already been sold to Denmark. There he has since then awoken interest because of his beauty and elegance in tölt.

Offsprings Gassa inLM 1994

Offsprings LM 1994

Gassi in Danmark

Gassi in Danmark


Stallions in Vorsabæ 2.

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