Snerpa IS1999287983 from Vorsabæ 2

Snerpa and Daníel Jónsson

  Mm. Litla Jörp 1 , Vorsabæ 1
M. Kolfreyja, Vorsabæ 2  
  Mf. Kolgrímur, Kjarnholtum
  Fm. Litla Jörp 2, Vorsabæ 2
F. Forseti, Vorsabæ 2  
  Ff. Hrafn, Holtsmúla

Snerpa was shown as a five-year old at the Landsmót in Hella in 2004. She received 8,18 for conformation and 8,13 for rideability and 8,15 total score. One year later she was shown again and received 8,22 for conformation and 8,30 for rideability, so her total score improved to 8,27. She received 8,5 for neck, hoofs, tölt and willingness and character and an impressive 9,0 for legs and flying pace.

Snerpa and Þorvaldur Á. Þorvaldsson

Snerpa and Daníel Jónsson


Total score: 8,22-8,30=8,27

Snerpa past away the year 2021

Offsprings by Snerpa:


Brown born 2007.

Father: Flygill from Horni.

Sold Hans Christian Jørgensen Danmark


Brown born 2007.

Father: Dugur from Þúfu.

Total score. 8,29-8,10=8,18

Sold to Mari Sandberg in Sweden.


Chestnut with star and snip 2009.

Father: Hágangur from Narfastaðir.

Sold M. BARBé PIERRICK France .


Brown born 2010.

Father: Hlekkur from Lækjamóti.

Sold in Iceland


Bay born 2011.

Father: Stígandi from Stóra-Hofi.

Sold to Switzerland


Bay/star born 2012.

Father: Kinnskær from Selfoss.

Kappi belongs to the breedingfarm Vorsabæ 2.



Bay born 2013.

Father: Stæll from Miðkoti.

Sold 2015 Margrét Á Guðjónsdóttir.



Chestnut with blaze  2014 

Father: Hreyfill from Vorsabæ 2

Sold to Switzerland


Chestnut with star  2015 

Father: Hreyfill from Vorsabæ 2

Belongs to the breedingfarm Vorsabæ 2.


Silver dapple born 2020

Father: Bjarmi frá Vorsabæ 2

Sold to Denmark


Breeding mares in Vorsabæ 2.