Baldur IS2010187985 from Vorsabæ 2

Baldur frá Vorsabæ 2 IS2010187985 is a great 4-gaited competition gelding. He is tall (143 cm) and handsome with a beautiful color. He is well trained, with all 4 gaits really good! He has alot of natural movements and is therefore a good match in tölt and 4-gait competitions. Baldur is trustworthy and always has the willingness like you want him to be, can fit perfect in competitions for a young rider. He has scored 5,89 in his first competition in T3 young adults and the 5. Place. . . . Meira / More

Emma IS2011287982 from Vorsabæ 2

Emma frá Vorsabæ 2 is fantastic 5-gaited mare. Her character is positive and reliable, suitable for wide range of riders. She has very good gaits with high movements, her pace is well trained and her tölt is VERY good! Emma is ready as a competition mare and as a future breeding mare. . . . Meira / More

Ánægja from Vorsabæ 2 IS2009287983

Ánægja has the perfect character and willingness with high movements. Ánægja is 142 cm tall with long legs and neck. She is a good prospect also as a breeding mare because of her character, good movements and her colour. . . . Meira / More

Bjarmi from Vorsabæ 2 IS2015187984

Bjarmi does not only have a fantastic breeding line, movements and conformation, but he also has the color: Silver dapple and buckskin! . . . Meira / More

Hrund IS2008287984 from Vorsabæ 2

Hrund is a dream-ridinghorse! She has soft and clear gaits and she is easy in all gaits. She is beautiful and has a long and thin neck. Hrund has really clean and nice tölt and she can easily go fast aswell. She is kind and also sweet with other horses. She can be ridden alone aswell with other horses and she is used to be as a handhorse. Hrund can be ridden by teenagers and older people. . . . Meira / More

Fróði from Vorsabæ 2 IS2010187984

Fróði is 7 year old beautiful, big (146 cm) and black gelding. He has an amazing conformation and has long legs and neck. He is tall and strong and could therefore also suit tall men. He also has an extremely friendly and easy character. Fróði is 5-gaited with very good and always clean beated tölt which is really soft to sit. . . . Meira / More

Fagriblakkur from Vorsabæ II IS2008187984

M: Nös from Vorsabæ 2

F: Forseti from Vorsabæ 2 IS2008187984

Fagriblakkuris very tall and beautiful black competition gelding. Fagriblakkur or “Black Beauty” has high movements and a nice character, he is very well trained and educated. He has competed in tölt, fourgait and fivegait with excellent scores! The summer 2016 he scored . . . Meira / More

Maístjarna from Vorsabæ 2 IS2011287981

Maístjarna is very calm and positive and always wants to please the rider, therefore she could suit wide range of riders and also for less experienced riders for example the whole family. . . . Meira / More

Gráða from Vorsabæ 2 IS2012287983

Black with a star and white on the snip. Gráða is medium size and is beautiful with long legs. She has a very nice and calm character with positive mind. Gráða is 5-gaited and carries herself well and shows elastic movements in all gaits. Promising competition and breeding mare! . . . Meira / More

Freyja from Vorsabæ 2 IS2009287982

Freyja frá Vorsabæ 2 IS2009287982 is chestnut with a star and light mane and tail, big (139 cm) and beautiful mare. She is fivegaited and has very nice character. She is positive to work with and knows all the basics in dressage. She is sweet and calm to handle and everyone with a little bit of experience can ride her, she would also be a good horse for a teenager. Freyja is perfect for someone who wants to ride outside, go in riding lessons and also compete. Freyja can also go to a stallion this summer if required. . . . Meira / More

Birna from Vorsabae II IS2007287981

Birna is a good 5-gaited mare with excellent breedingline and is confirmed pregnant with Hreyfill frá Vorsabæ 2 (Confirmation: 8,50. Ridden abilities: 8,56 as a fourgaiter, 9,5 for tölt, trot and spirit). Birna has really outstanding color, black with a blaze and white socks. She is beautiful, 140 cm with ong legs and long neck. She has really good temper and is suitable for wide range of riders. Her character is very calm and reliable, not scared of things from the environment or the rider. Birna has competed in F2 young riders class and ended in 3rd place, where her highest scores are: 6,5 for trot and gallop and 7,0 for walk! . . . Meira / More

Eining from Vorsabæ 2 IS2006287983

Eining is a fivegaited mare with high movements and very nice character. She has scored 5,62 in her first competition F1 in young riders class. All her gaits are even and she is suitable for competition, or as a good riding horse for example for young riders. . . . Meira / More

Snörp IS2013287981 from Vorsabæ 2

Snörp frá Vorsabæ 2 is tall and beautiful mare and she is out of first prize parents, so she has excellent bloodlines. Snörp moves equally in tolt and trot. Her movements are very big and she is promising for competition at high levels. . . . Meira / More

Völundur IS2009187983 from Vorsabæ 2

Völundur is 141 cm high beautiful 4 gaited horse. He has a long and beautiful neck. He goes on clean trot and tölt with wide movements. Völundur is calm and very friendly and easy with great spirit that everybody with some experience can ride and enjoy . . . Meira / More

Fífill IS2009187987 from Vorsabæ 2

Fífill is very promising gelding and has a top bloodline! He is red dun with a star, excellent pedigree and beautiful. He is fivegaited and his movements are high and magnificent, he could suit in both 4. gait and 5.gait competitions. . . . Meira / More

Hreyfing IS2005287981 from Vorsabæ 2.

This fabulous mare is now for sale. Hreyfing is an 8 years old four gaited mare but the rider pictured is Elin Vidberg. Elin lives in Sweden and collaborates with us in sales on horses. On her website (see here ) you may find more information . . . Meira / More

Kappi IS2012187984 from Vorsabæ 2

Kappi is bay with a star, born 2012. He is very tall 139 cm, 2 years old and beautiful and has a long neck on high withers. He shows both tölt and flying trot. High movements and long strides. . . . Meira / More

Bassi IS2011187985

Silverdapple foal born 2011. Bassi is an eyecatching foal and goes in tölt and trot with long leg actions. He is definitely 5 gaited as he sometimes goes is fast pace.Price range: A . . . Meira / More

Blíða IS2011287984

Blíða is dark bay mare born 2011. Light build with good neck and pretty head. She has really nice character,curious and likes to be in company of people. She’s always the first one to come to you. Shows trot and tolt with wide movements! Blíða is a promising mare with such a great character and should therefore be easy to train and suitable for both experienced as less experienced riders.Price range: B . . . Meira / More

Demantur IS2009187988


M: Snerpa from Vorsabæ 2 –  IS1999287983

F: Hágangur from Narfastöðum – IS1997158469


Stallion blup 118. Chestnut with star and light mane and tail born in 2009. Big for his age. Light built with long neck on high withers and excellent back and crop. Snerpa got 8,22 for riding abilities, 8,30 for . . . Meira / More