About us

Björn Jónsson and Stefanía Sigurðardóttir live in Vorsabær 2.
They have three children, Margrét, Jón Emil and Sigurbjörg Bára.

Margrét has two children named Birnir Snær and Salóme Birta.

Björn and Stefanía started their farming in 1985 and have been breeding horses from the beginning. Apart from their 90 horses they keep 80 sheep, 15 goats, some cattle, chicken, cats and a friendly dog.

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Stefania and Bjorn studied at the Agricultural College at Hvanneyri, Björn is also a member of the Icelandic horse-trainer-association (FT). Both have been participating in riding courses held by known riding instructors.
In 2008 a new sheep barn and an indoor riding arena of 16x42m were built at Vorsabær 2. One year later a new horse stable for 30 horses was built. Apart from all these new buildings there is a 250 m oval track outside the stable.

Over the years many young people from foreign countries have worked at Vorsabaer 2. At the same time they have improved their skills with horses as well as gained a lot of experiences.

In Vorsabær 2 we provide horseback riding trips for everone. We also offer an opportunity for people who want to visit a farm and get to know the animals and the daily life on the farm.

At the farm we have a Holiday house that we rent out to travellers. Those who are interested in this service are adviced to look at Accommodation at this homepage.