Birna from Vorsabae II IS2007287981



Birna is a good 5-gaited mare with excellent breedingline and is confirmed pregnant with Hreyfill frá Vorsabæ 2 (Confirmation: 8,50. Ridden abilities: 8,56 as a fourgaiter, 9,5 for tölt, trot and spirit).

Birna has really outstanding color, black with a blaze and white socks. She is beautiful, 140 cm with ong legs and long neck.
She has really good temper and is suitable for wide range of riders. Her character is very calm and reliable, not scared of things from the environment or the rider. Birna has competed in F2 young riders class and ended in 3rd place, where her highest scores are: 6,5 for trot and gallop and 7,0 for walk!
F: Kostur frá Vorsabæ 2 (8,22 in total as a fourgaiter)
FF: Forseti frá Vorsabæ 2 (8,58 in total)
MF: Baldur frá Bakka (8,15 in total and a world champion in fivegait)
This is your opportunity to have a have a good breedingmare and competitionmare for the future!
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