Kappi IS2012187984 from Vorsabæ 2

Kappi 13 16 Mother: Snerpa from Vorsabæ 2 IS1999287983.

Father: Kinnskær from Selfossi IS2005182700.

Kappi is bay with a star born 2012. He is very tall 139 cm and beautiful and has a long neck and long legs. He goes evenly in trot and tölt with high movements. He has been trained for some months and he is friendly and positive to ride. His mother Snerpa has 9 for pace and his father Kinnskær has 9,5 in breedingshow. Snerpa has 8,27 in total FIZO score and she is daughter by the great stallion, Forseti ( 8,58 ) frá Vorsabæ 2. Kinnskær frá Selfossi has received 8.25 in total FIZO score and also competed with great scores in F1. The father of Kinnskær is the popular stallion Álfasteinn frá Selfossi, father of Spuni frá Vesturkoti. Kappi is really promising compitition horse and is also suitable to be a fun ridinghorse.

Kappi 1 16 Kappi 5 16
Kappi 13 16 Kappi 17 16
Kappi 22 16 Kappi 35 16
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Kappi 8 14

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