Kappi IS2012187984 from Vorsabæ 2

Kappi 13 16 Kappi is bay with a star 5-gaited gelding, born 2012. He is very tall 144 cm, beautiful and has a long neck and long legs. Kappi has received in his first competition 6,0 in T1 competition and the 2nd place in young adults. Very bright future for him in T1, T2 and fivegait competitions.

Kappi is very well educated and knows the basics in dressage exercises. All his gates are super good and he has no weak gait! He has a friendly and positive character.

Both his parents are 1st price and his mother received 9 for pace and his father 9,5!!
His father, Kinnskær frá Selfossi has also been competing with great scores in F1. He is a half brother to Spuni frá Vesturkoti.
Kappi does not only have a great breeding line behind him, he is a real eyecatcher and talented competition gelding!

Mother: Snerpa from Vorsabæ 2 IS1999287983

Father: Kinnskær from Selfossi IS2005182700

Kappi 5 16
Kappi 13 16 Kappi 17 16
Kappi 22 16 Kappi 35 16
Kappi 6 14

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