Molda IS2000235708 from Lundi.

Molda and Nanna S. Mikkelsen

  Ff:Hrannar frá Kýrholti
F:Hágangur frá Sveinatungu  
  Fm:Draumey frá Sveinatungu
  Mf:Angi frá Laugarvatni
M:Syrpa frá Lundi  
  Mm:Hremsa frá Lundi

Molda was born at Lundur in Lundareykjadalur in 2000. We got her from Magnús Lárusson not fully trained, but we trained her further before evaluation. She has thick and long mane, beautiful head (8,5) and long and thin neck (8,5). Molda has very good tölt (8,5) with high leg action. She was also evaluated with 8,5 for willingness and caracter. For trot, gallop and form under rider she got 8,0 and 7,5 for pace. Molda was sold to Odd Ivar in Norway autum 2015.

Molda and Jóhann K Ragnarsson

Molda and Jóhann K Ragnarsson


Total score: 7,98-8,15=8,08

Offsprings by Molda:


Chestnut with star born 2008.

Father:Sædynur from Múla.

Total score.8,18-8,51=8,38

Sold Tiina Hiltunen Finnland.

MareBay with star born 2009.

Father:Forseti from Vorsabæ 2.

Died of an accident 2009.


Palomino with star born 2010.

Father:Hlekkur from Lækjamóti.

Died of an accident 2010.


Chestnut  born 2011.

Father:Mjölnir from Hlemmiskeiði.

Sold Odd Ivar Lågøen Norway.


Black born 2012.

Father:Hreyfill Vorsabæ 2

Sold in Iceland.


Black born 2013.

Father:Hreyfill Vorsabæ 2

Belongs to the breedingfarm Vorsabaer 2

Died of an accident 2015



Black with star  2014

Father: Hrymur from Hofi

Died 2020


Silver dapple buckskin  2014

Father: Þeyr frá Holtsmúla.

Sold to Melissa Hoffmann Germany


Breeding mares in Vorsabæ 2.