Tign IS1985287981 from Vorsabæ 2

Tign and Björn

Tign and Björn

Mm. Freyja, Vorsabæ 1
M. Litla Jörp1, Vorsabæ 1
Mf. Glóblesi, Eyvindarhólum
Fm. Jörp, Holtsmúla
F. Hrafn, Holtsmúla
Ff. Snæfaxi, Páfastöðum

Tign was shown at a breeding show in Hella in 1991. She received a rather low score for conformation (7,65), which surprised her owner, since she appeared to be remarkably handsome and flashy. For rideability she received 8,19, thereof 8,5 for tölt, trot and form under the rider. Since then she has been used for breeding, and her offspring have well-built front parts and long legs.

Total score: 7.65-8,19=7,92

Offsprings by Tign.


Bay with snip and star born 1993.

Father: Orri from Þúfa.

Total score: 8,03-7,99=8,01.

Sold to Germany.


Bay born  1994.

Father: Otur from Sauðárkróki.

Sold to Norway.


Brown born  1995.

Father: Stígur from Kjartansstaðir.

Died of an accident 1995


Bay with star born 1996.

Father: Kveikur from Miðsitja.

Total score: 7,89-8,15=8,05.

Sold to Denmark.

Has already given four 1st prize offsprings


Bay with star 1997.

Father: Ásaþór from Feti.

Total score: 7,79-8,21=8,04

Sold Kalle Serbe og Anna -Karin Ferm in  Sweden.


Brown with star 1998.

Father: Kraflar from Miðsitja.

Total score:8,02-7,85=7,92

Belongs to the breedingfarm Vorsabaer 2


Bay born  1999.

Father: Tývar from Kjartansstaðir.

Sold Sophie Clémentz in France.

Týpa (Spyrna)

Bay born  2000.

Father: Kraflar from Miðsitja.

Total score: 8,02-8,09=8,06

Sold Ólafur Haraldsson RVK.


Brown with snip born 2001.

Father: Forseti from Vorsabæ 2.

Sold Within Iceland



Blue dun born  2002.

Father: Geisli from Litla- Sandvík.

Sold Märta Marklund in Sweden.


Grey born 2003.

Father: Töfri from  Selfoss.

Total score: 7,81-8,25=8,07

Sold Julia Cristine Rode in Germany


Brown born 2004.

Father: Glampi from Vatnsleysa.

Belongs to the breedingfarm Vorsabaer 2


Brown with star and snip  2005.

Father: Snillingur from Vorsabæ 2.

Sold: Katarina Lagerbäck in Sweden.


Brown pinto born  2006.

Father: Borði from Felskoti.

Sold  Susan Stang in Sweden


Bay born  2007.

Father: Hágangur from Narfastaðir.

Total score: 7,84-7,99=7,93.

Belongs to the breedingfarm Vorsabaer 2


Brown with snip 2008.

Father: Eldjárn from Tjaldhólar.

Died of an accident 2008.

Sæll 10 14


Yellow dun born 2009.F

Father: Stæll from Neðra-Seli.

Sold to Rvk.

Breeding mares in Vorsabæ 2.

Hviða Kolbrún Alda Hrina Hrefna Nös Snerpa Molda Píla Evíta Fjöður Hátíð Lipurtá Silfurdís Litla-Jörp Kolfreyja